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Hello! I'm Éléonore,
a software developer with a background in Biomedical research
and work experience in fullstack web development and data science/engineering!


Below are example of projects I have worked on
But I'm always eager to try out new technologies!

Javascript/jQuery, HTML/CSS - Link - App that parses JSON data and presents it on a user interface (re-write with Angular.js in progress)
Clojure, Cassandra - Link - Template web application to be used with Mastodon C Ltd’s authentication/authorisation microservice
Clojure - Link - App that parses data from a CSV and serves it as JSON through an API endpoints
Python/Flask, Postgres and SQLAlchemy - Link - Project for the backend of a game of tic tac toe
Data engineering
Clojure/Amazonica, AWS S3 - Link - Programme run as a cron job by a client of Mastodon C Ltd to load sensor measurements from files on AWS S3 onto a web platform via an API
Python, JSON - Link - Scripts for Mastodon C Ltd's data engineers to handle JSON data from/to an API and write CSV reports
Clojure, XML - Link - Programme for Mastodon C Ltd's data scientists to create a Clojure project structured to write predictive models from an XML diagram
Clojure, Leiningen - Link - Leiningen template to help create predictive models (used in the programme described above)
Data science
Python, Gensim, Nltk - Link - Classifier for scientific articles using topic modelling
Clojure, core.matrix - Link - Population projections model using a Cohort Component method for Mastodon C’s city planning platform:
Clojure, core.matrix - Link - Dwellings projections model for MastodonC Ltd’s city planning platform
Clojure, core.matrix - Link - Fire risks projections for commercial buildings delivered to a client of Mastodon C Ltd
Clojure, core.matrix - Link - Special Educational Needs and Disability demand and cost projections model delivered to a client of Mastodon C Ltd



Python instructor at J++'s coding courses for journalists


Web developer for the TechForJustice project
[Node.js - Motion.ai chatbot - JSON data]


Front-end developer for a project to visualise and edit scientific data
[Clojurescript - React/Re-frame]